TIPNNV offers variety of service to our local emergency responders and to organizations in our community to help Washoe County prepare and respond to tragedy.

Crisis Response Team

The TIPNNV Crisis Response Team responds 24/7 to tragedy when called on by emergency responders or hospital staff to provide emergency emotional and practical support to those affected in the immediate aftermath of trauma. TIP Volunteers on the Crisis Response Team are highly trained in emergency mental health support to help survivors in need of support.

Emotional First Aid Training

TIPNNV teaches Emotional First Aid Seminars to local agencies, business, and organizations to help them prepare for tragedy. These seminars will teach your organization the basics of emotional first aid to ensure that your organization can provide the basic support needed by your clients .

Basic Emotional First Aid Seminar

4 Hour EFA Seminar
$ 99 Per Attendee
  • Entry Level Presentation on the 5 “Emotional First Aid” Skills
  • Instructor Demonstration of Skills Followed by Selective Participant Demo
  • Instructors Will Utilize Real World Experiences to Emphasize Value of Skills Being Taught
  • Active Self Reflection to Enhance EFA Skills

Interactive Emotional First Aid Seminar

8 Hour EFA Seminar
$ 199 Per Attendee
  • Entry Level Presentation on the 5 “Emotional First Aid” Skills
  • Role Play Interaction to Gain Experience Demonstrating Learned Skills in a Controlled Environment
  • Self Awareness Exploration for Emotional First Aid Skill Enhancement, “The Art of Getting Yourself Out of the Way”
  • Helping Children Grieve: Navigating Grief in an Age Appropriate Way That Attends to Their Needs and Questions
  • Cast of Characters with Case Presentation
  • Death Notification Breakdown and Skills Lab
  • Personal Safety and Setting Limits
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