Thank you for your interest in
The Trauma Intervention Program of Northern Nevada (TIP of NNV)

TIP’s mission is to provide on-scene emotional and practical support to survivors of tragedy in order to ease their immediate suffering and facilitate their healing and long-term recovery.

TIP’s team of specially trained community volunteers are called by law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency responders to support victims of traumatic events during the first few hours following a tragedy.  Trained TIP volunteers respond immediately to crisis situations 24-hours/day, 365 days/year to provide this free service. 

We want every citizen facing a crisis in our community to feel as this TIP client wrote to a volunteer following the suicide of her granddaughter:

“I write this with thanks from the bottom of my heart. Your presence was so needed and appreciated. YOU are the ANGELS.”

This is what you can make happen with a gift of $1,000 to $10,000:

  • A grant of $1,000 adopts a new TIP Volunteer (and covers all of their client resource materials).
  • A grant of $2,500 would be used for the national instruction for TIP’s 40-hour Volunteer Training Academy.
  • A grant of $5,000 covers the annual printing costs for TIP’s 60-page Community Resource Guides which are provided to every TIP client and other community user groups.
  • A grant of $10,000 is the budget for an entire class of new TIP volunteers. This includes operating an intensive 40-hour Volunteer Training Academy of specialized instruction in crisis response intervention and ‘emotional first aid’, providing extensive resource materials, managing three-month field training with veteran volunteers, and conducting monthly Continuing Education meetings.

Our current funding priorities:

1. Recruiting, training, and retaining TIP’s most valuable asset – our volunteers!

2. Specialized training in suicide survivor support and prevention.

3. Specialized training in child grief and producing grief resources for family caregivers.

Contact TIP’s Executive Director Gabrielle Totton to talk with her about these exciting grant opportunities at (775) 337-2112.

To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, please contact a member of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada Stewardship Team at (775) 333-5499.